I went outside today, the first day I've been outside in quite some time, and decided to get the chainsaw and cut up the branches that had fallen in the yard so there would be wood for the smoker.  After cutting up the larger of the branches, I got light headed then almost passed out.  I barely made my way to the bed.

After laying there for a couple minutes, I started having chest pain and took a spray of nitro.  When it started working, the chest pains went away.  Those operations left me weaker than I realized.  It IS pretty warm here today at 82F (about 28C), but it gets much hotter in the Summer months.  I haven't had the energy to do much besides sit at the computer and write music.

I decided to write some pieces that Indie film makers could use for a reasonable price.  Since I already have some horror scores I wrote, I decided to write some for Westerns.  I really would like to see a good Western at a movie theater, but they haven't had one of those in ages... at least in theaters here.  I wouldn't mind seeing a good musical, either.  Something along the lines of Rogers and Hammerstein or the movie West Side Story.  Any musicals I've seen of late have been pretty much crap.  Phantom of the Opera had potential to be good, but it could have been done better.  It came off as kind of cheesy to me.

Well, I'm starting to get light headed again, so I guess I'd better go take an aspirin and lay back down.  Have a nice Memorial Day weekend!

Uploaded 05/26/2012
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