Whorehouse proposal

Lindsay had no clue why Roman had been acting all pissy for the last week. It wasnt her fault that she had that allergic reaction or that the rude guy had dumped his beer all over her and had ruined two special dates. The couple got along so well in the past, Lindsay was a little nervous at the moment. She had figured she and Roman were meant for each other since the moment they had met a year ago. They had clicked from the inception; getting everything about each other.

But something wasnt clicking now.

Lindsay decided to take matters into her own hands. She made a perfectly cooked dinner, dimmed the lights and waited for Roman to come over. And waited. And waited. Finally tired of wondering, Lindsay texted Roman, and didnt get an answer. She knew he was supposed to hang with Charlie, but rarely had Roman ever been late for their evenings and nights together.

Next, feeling the creep of worry sliding up her spine, Lindsay texted Charlie, and to her horror he responded. Roman is at a Chinese whore house because it turns out Lindsay wasnt providing the right type of attention for Roman, Charlie said. Lindsay, unsure of what to do with the well of despair that became her air, hurled her phone against the wall and watched unemotionally as it shattered into a thousand small shards.

Hate, loathing, and unnamed feelings of a desire to see Romans body parts splattered across three states overwhelmed the shaking and ill Lindsay. She went to the shed and found Romans hatchet and headed to the address Charlie provided her.

She pulled across from the dilapidated warehouse on the seedy street in downtown. A few decent looking vehicles, including Romans new Charger, were parked along the street. Tears created tracks of anguish on Lindsays face as she crossed the street. At the same time, Roman exited the building and stormed down the street, cussing Charlies name and soul.  Lindsay stood frozen in place beside the Charger, hatchet raised when she locked eyes with Roman.

Roman, taking in the pain flowing from Lindsay and the bloody hatchet raised in a position to break his windshield, ran to her side in fear. He knew immediately what Charlie had done, and had to soothe things over or else he knew Lindsay would be gone forever.

Baby, put the hatchet down, please, Roman begged.

Why are you here? What have you done? she cried.

Nothing happened. Theres no way you believed Charlie, right? I came here to get Superbowl tickets. Thats it. I didnt even make it past the front door.

Lindsay couldnt move. She was torn between her deep trust for Roman, and seeing him here in front of the whorehouse. Roman, sensing an opening in Lindsays homicidal moment, leaped the last two steps to her side and wrapped her in his arms.

Feeling his familiar warmth soothed Lindsay. Without thinking, she buried her face into Romans warm neck and nuzzled against his skin breathing in his recognizable, intoxicating scent. Then the truth slapped her in the face Roman smelled of himself and not some $5 whore.

Happy tears running down her face, Lindsay kissed Romans neck and along his jaw line. Roman, realizing there would be no other more perfect moment than what they were experiencing, in front of the Chinese whorehouse and everything, reached into his pocket and pulled out the massive, glittery diamond ring hed been trying to give to Lindsay for the past month.

Dropping to one knee, Roman held the ring up to Lindsay. Lindsay vigorously nodded an affirmative and pulled Roman into another rib crushing hug. Roman leaned into her ear and whispered baby I will take of Charlie for you.

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