I'm convinced that 90% of the women on this site are whores, especially in the featured section. They have stupid ass comments and have avatars that are dancing around nude or have a self-pic where they are showing some skin...hell, even women today are whores.


Why do ladies not have any respect for themselves anymore? I mean that seriously. How can you expect men to respect you if you don't even respect yourself? What is so appealing about looking like a whore? These girls think that when men call them all kinds of sexy names and are nice to them that these men love them. No. You're an easy fuck- that's why they leave you after a couple weeks to find something not so cum stained. It is not necessary to go out, walking up and down the streets looking like a prostitute. You're 14. I'll probably be seeing you on Maury.


There was this girl I used to work with at an old waitressing job. She and I never got along. NEVER. We fought constantly. Here's why: we worked with Mexicans. I normally don't have anything against Mexicans but these were illegal and they were touchy. I was only 16 and they were trying to grope me, they would lock me in the walk-in freezer with another Mexican and turn the lights off, they would grab and smack my butt but management didn't care. I reported it several times and looking back now, yeah, I would have had a legal case, I'm sure. Anyway, this stupid ass bitch was the reason WHY these Mexicans were so touchy. She slept around with them- between like the 10 of them. Some even had to quit because of work conflicts. WTF? You don't have enough respect for yourself that you have to go around and fuck all the workers? They would fucking molest her in the back and she would always act like she didn't want it- picking up butcher knives and throwing shit at them. It's only natural that they would think that I was the same way, right? lol! NO! I actually give enough shit about myself to not let myself become a cum dumpster.


When we see each other now, we're total enemies. Not that I say anything to her but it's her that has to run her fucking mouth. I was in Kroger and at this time I hadn't seen her in a while and I kept hearing her whispering to her friend about me. That's fine. If you have to talk about me, I guess you must be pretty interested in me. Anyway, I heard that she is pregnant now and the father wants nothing to do with her. Normally, I wouldn't say that I'm better than anyone else but I'm not pregnant and guess what bitch? I have a man who loves me even when we're not having sex.

Uploaded 08/10/2008
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