Who's right on this?

Last week, i went to pick up my younger brother from school. i usually wait for him at a Publix across the street from his school. Once i got to the Publix parking lot, i noticed that there was an unusual amount of cops in the area. about 5 minutes pass, and my brother gets in the car and i take off. there's a small group of cop cars near the exit of the parking lot, and parked in the middle of the way, there's a cop in his car talking to another that's standing outside the car. I stopped to wait and see if the cop is going to move the car, i literally waited about 30 seconds, and i decided to go around the car, and as soon as i get close to the car, he fucking moves! which if i didn't stop the car, an accident would have happened. as soon as this happens, the cop that was standing outside, starts yelling at me, and tells me to pull over, and so i do. The fucking asshole had the nerves to ask me if i had taken my dads car without permission I uploaded a pic of my car if you wanna see it) and start asking all these stupid ass questions and saying that the way i was driving could've caused an accident. that i had to wait for the car to move even if it took 5 minutes or more. then he said the reason he didn't give me a speeding ticket was because he didn't have the radar with him, otherwise he would've. right now i'm digging my nails into the leather of my steering wheel.

sometimes, i just feel like the majority of the "cops", if you wanna call them that, are making bad use of their badge and think that they can do whatever they want with the citizens.

Uploaded 10/21/2008
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