Many of you think I am The Great Goddess Neko. I am not.  I am just mentally and emotionally owned by her; and of that I am proud.  You don't own Neko, she owns you.  You cannot ask to be owned by her, she chooses you.  I am one of the privledged few she chose; though I may get disowned if I publish this blog.  MrsNekoJeans is totally awesome, it's true; but she is not without flaw.  Many of you do not understand her; and even I miss her intent from time to time.  She is spoiled, which is good.  I'm glad that she's had a decent life.  Am I jealous of her?  You bet I am.  But, remember people, with that comes arrogance.  Most spoiled people seem arrogant.  She is BRILLIANT.  She never fails to shock and awe me.  She did something for me the other day that put real fear into my soul, but I will not tell you what that was. I trust her though, because despite her mean demeanor she is a very nice person.  Trust me on this.  She is arrogant because she thinks she is more beautiful than most people.  Well, she is.  She thinks she is smarter than most people.  Well, she is.  She thinks she is wittier than most people (no, wit and 'smarts' are NOT the same thing).  Well, she is.  So, while she may seem arrogant, it is justifiable.      With that said, she does not like fat people.  We spoke about someone yesterday and she asked me why she should pity this person because this person was fat. (By the way, she showed me (inadvertently) that she does care about this person, but I know she will never admit that.)  I used to be just like Neko.  I used to look like a greek god until I hurt my back, then the weight came.  Well, needless to say, She started harranging me over my weight as I revealed this to her.  She's right about me needing to lose weight, I know that already.  The only difference is, I know that she has never had to deal with massive weight before and she seems to think that a little work, even if it is hard work, will clear it up.  Not necessarily.  People who are thin seem to think that they know all of the answers (like I used to think), but it's not true.  Oh spare me the lecture on calories, I've already blown that theory out of the water.  Google "Isabella Del Rios" if you want a professional discourse on THAT topic.  Despite my unwielding to Neko's control (for the first time ever), she remains my friend; I remain her fool (tool, minion, whatever).  She knows she is inside of my head, and she knows she's welcomed there.  Who knows, maybe I'll be a better person for it.
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