Who's Worse...Hitler or Jeff Foxworthy?

   In my never ending quest to stomp out things not funny, I would like to discuss a topic that is on the top of everyone's agenda.  Whose done more harm to the human civilization Adolf Hitler or Jeff Foxworthy?

   I'll start off by saying it is obviously Hitler...he orchestrated the holocaust.  That is pretty freaking bad and hard for anyone to top...even Jeff Foxworthy.  However, Foxworthy did put together the Redneck Comedy Tour.  That is a comedy holocaust of epic proportions.  The Redneck Comedy Tour led to such catastrophic events as "you might be a redneck if..." jokes, "here's your sign..." jokes, The Bill Engvall Show, mass emails depicting: redneck weddings, redneck pools, redneck big screens, redneck yachts, redneck limos, and I think I even got one for redneck bar mitzvahs, Country Fried Videos, and let's not forget Larry the Cable Guy and his hand full of movies.

That chain of horrific events has surely affected a large portion of America and the world.  Granted, Jeff Foxworthy's effect is not as violent or racially charged as Hitler's, but it does have detrimental consequences to the social fabric of the world. 

   For one, it dumbs comedy down.  It allows people who don't get most jokes to laugh.  I am against that.  Comedy should be obscure and from right field.  People don't think anymore.  They want their comedy spoon fed to them like it was a #3 value meal.  That is exactly what Jeff Foxworthy comedy does for America. 

   Secondly, this type of comedy opens the door for more no talent comedians.  It's like a big invitation for unfunny bastards (Dane Cook, Frank Caliendo, and Tyler Perry for example) to sell their crap and make a fortune.  While the really funny people (David Cross, and Brian Regan) who bust their balls on stage never get the recognition they deserve. 

   In closing, I would like to say Jeff Foxworthy sucks.  Also, a special fuck you television viewers who did not watch Arrested Development and allowed it to get cancelled.  That was one of the smartest written comedies to come along in the last 25 years.  Too bad they didn't put in a laugh track so the stupid peole would know when to laugh.

Uploaded 11/17/2009
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