Why all the Hate?

Why do people still stay stupid things about people that play video games or even make them? I could have sworn that we have gotten far past this stupid fucking sterotype of gamers or game makers being trolls that live at home and have no chance of reproducing. The gaming industry  is worth over $100 billion world wide, and is still growing.  I will bet my life that most of the people  on here  wouldnt even make a quarter of what a pro-gamer would make in a year   and if the haters haven paid any attention to what they look like   thay are far from pasty lil geeks that have no life. Yes there are still some that are still fitting into the old sterotype  but since the industry has grown so much over the past 20 years so has the community. With all the type of systems and hand helds anyone and everyone that can play games  does now, from a lil 5 year old  to 65 grandma that likes to play on the Wii.  I myself play games alot   but i have a full time steady job and my own place, i dont drink or smoke and it is a nice way to relax from a stressfull day. If you think games are stupid then that is your own right to do so  but dont just hate and lable others for enjoying something you dont.
Uploaded 12/07/2011
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