Why All Women Are Hookers. the last one got deleted somehow

OK, so, I had to explain this to a good friend of mine the other day who tried defending herself and all other girls against my correct opinion that they are all, (well, close to all... i dont think lesbians, women in third world countries, and a very small percentage of the rest of women count), but, all hookers. Now, before I get too far into this, lets define hooker: a woman who gives sex and/or sexual favors in return for money, gifts, and things of that nature. Now, in a relationship it is quite common for the man to pay for all of or a large majority of living expenses, but that's too debatable Even though my observation is pretty much right i know im going to get shit for that one. So, lets take a step down, to a date. On a date its pretty much an expectation that the man pay for everything. Lets face it girls, you're less likely to bone a guy who says "Hey, how about you pay for all of your own shit on this date, and I'll pay for all of mine." And, speaking of boning, that's pretty much the common goal of a date. The guy is trying to get some action, and the girl is deciding wheather or not she's going to give him any, and how much at that. Or, they know they're not going to give him any, and they're exploiting the fact that he's going to take them out and pay for their night... fuckin' hookers. Anyway, back to the ultimate goal of boning. As i stated, the guy is paying for all these things on the night out, and therefore if the girl does give him any sexual activity, she is a HOOKER. H-O-O-K-E-R. Hooker. She allowed him to buy her shit, maybe over many dates and other occasions, before allowing him access inside of her, so yes... prostitute. Now, this may be a dumbed down version of the straight up slut for money you might see on your average city street corner, but, by definition (see above) she is a hooker. But, my hooker friends, this is not necessarily a terrible thing. Look at it this way, if a girl is giving up sex and/or sexual favors without making him work for it at all (which generally involves him paying for shit), then she happens to just be a whore. So, say it proudly girls, you're hookers!!

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