Why America is Dying.

America is dying due to fear. From fear's manifestations, all the problems we see today in America are based on fear. Fear of terrorism, fear of financial catastrophe, fear of guns, fear of losing ones job, fear of investment loss, fear of walking down the street, fear of government, fear of black people, fear of white people, fear of brown, yellow and green people. Basically, America is the biggest meanest dog because it's scared shitless. 

Why did most Americans vote for Obama? Because they were afraid that the Republicans would cut back on social programs, well that, and the Republicans acted like asses, because their establishment feared a much needed shake up. Why has America deployed it's armies all around the world? For fear of losing power and control. I read that American troops have now deployed all over the African continent. Whether that is significant or not, a shit load of Americans think it's some kind of plan to leave the US vulnerable to foreign invasion or some kind of ploy on the "War to disarm America".  Americas political system is ripe with partisan paranoia, where one guy is from some jungle tribe in Kenya and the other one wants to enslave the masses in some kind of religious fervour.

Shit, now even the NY Times is fearful of the constitution, calling for it's elimination from American laws so that she can move forward.

Where have we seen this kind of fear being used to control people in the past? Religion, especially the Christian ones with all it's fire and brimstone and the devil with a large pineapple, etc. That being the case in the past, even most Christians that I am aware of, have pretty well dropped that idea of hell, unless they are fanatics. Yes, religions can move forward to form new ideas about the universe. They have in the past and they will in the future.

The human population is on the cusp of a new age where science, spirituality, geopolitical co-operation and understanding can merge to evolve society forward, but it's all going to fall apart if we behave like a bunch of terrified apes fighting over the last banana. 

There is a movement afloat to merge governments and create a world army within the UN in order to remove the fear of war or unbalanced distribution of resources. On the surface this seems like a good idea, but it is anything but a good idea. It is already well understood that the average politician is completely out of touch with the average citizen, to create a world body that would be in charge of all our laws, resources and enforcement would just amplify that disconnect. 

The growth of government around the world in the last two decades have been caused and fuelled by fears.  Some founded but many unfounded. Still, the result has been the same from education to environment to health care and even to military manoeuvring-  GOVERNMENT SUCKS- for our sakes don't create another layer of it. 

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