why america really wants to go to syria

Two sides, the Syrian government and the rebels. The Syrian government is considered a dictatorship. Though, they protect a fragile minority of the country (christian, atheist etc.). The Rebels are fighting to bring "democracy" to the country. I.E. take over so they can impose crazy muslim laws on the people. And kill of the minority which are freethinking religious or non religious folk. The CIA admitted to arming the rebels. They probably at first glance thought, hey here's a dictatorship, and here's some people fighting for democracy. It's kind of like how Hawaii got added to the United States, kind of fucked up if you want to look it up. People who aren't even from Syria, that are crazy religious muslim come into Syria and claim they want democracy. Why? Because they know America will step in and help. They don't give a shit what the government is, as long as their goal is achieved, that is all people being islam. I don't believe the government in Syria used chemical weapons, not for a second. Why? They were beating the shit out of the dirt bags the CIA armed. Why piss off the united states. The leader isn't retarded. If he was winning a war, why would he insure that he loses. Makes no sense. It makes more sense that the rebels would use it, blame the government and get america involved because they need help, because they're losing. There's still no proof on who used it. I don't hate democracy, I just don't think it works in every culture, and I definitely think America should mind it's own business. Poor Syria. I feel bad for the innocent just caught between politics. All people want is fucking peace.
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