Why American Democrats are Undesirables

Both parties are both practically useless as they tend to follow the same policies, but it is especially the Democratic party that is supported by undesirables that perpetuates the growing problems in America. Sure the Republicans are self destructive, but not because of conservative ideas, they seem to have shelved them, but because there are now too many undesirables in America and they have basically over run the place through the guise of democracy within the Democratic party.

It seems all the odd special interest groups choose the Democrats. All the gay people of every possible mix overwhelmingly choose the Dems. Then you have all the people who live off of welfare and government hand outs. They vote for the Donkey. They identify with lazy ornery animals. Of course, the army of social workers who make a good dollar, identifying, categorizing, analysing, consulting, educating, medicating, counselling, authorizing and finally decontaminating or more politically correct, "Refreshing them" only if they want out of their own free will, support the beast that provides the most bucks. 

Women's Beat Down on Men groups, anti gun nuts, abortionists, free condom dispenser bubble gum machine operators, anti-religious zealot organizations, Save the Painted Turtle Co-operative, The One Sock for One Legged Pedestrian Authority, the Save the Whale that I've Never Seen Before or Really Understand it's Ecology or Even Really Give a Shit About, But My Life Needs Meaning Fund, all support the Democrats.

It's as though all the special interest groups got together and agreed to over take the Democratic party. Recognizing the potential power of this corporations started to put "Green" or " Equality" on everything from unisex underwear to bullets. And who do these strange and wonderful people support? The Democrats. 

I love diversity in people, from Hannibal Lecter to Jerry Springer to Jack Nicholson but these wonderfully odd people should not have a say in governance or get together under one large tent to fornicate and create what is America today. 

It's a small wonder why so many countries reject "Democracy" as America is not providing a very good example of it.

Uploaded 11/15/2012
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