Why Americans Shouldn't Vote for Obama

The Liberal media tries to brush under the rug anything bad about obama by spamming stories about insignificant shit like how Palin is inexperienced when in reality she's actually more experienced than obama. So i would like to tell whoever might stumble upon this some reasons why Barack Obama isnt suitable to be the president of the united states.

The shit started real early with obama. His childhood mentor in hawaii was a registered member of the CPUSA (communist party of the united states). During this time obama attended socialist confrences and was reading all sorts of marxist literature. Of course there hasnt been many news stories highlighting this very glaring dangerous early life experince we should keep focusing on whether or not palin is qualified.

Many people may not have heard of william ayers. Everyone in america should know him and his sgnificance to this election but hardly anyone does. William Ayers was a member of the weather underground.A terrorist society responsible for the 93 world trade center bombing . William still believes that what he did was right and refuses to apologize. Heres the big bomb. BARACK OBAMA LAUNCHED HIS SENATORIAL CAMPAIGN FROM WILLIAM AYERS'S HOUSE. How cuold any one actually vote for such a fuckhead.  I gaurantee if the words terrorist and mccain were ever put together in the same sentence even without proof mccain's campaign would be over. The fact that barack obama is friends with a a terrorist and a communist seem to have little to no effect on the votin population of the democratic party. THis absolutely disgusts me that america has degraded itself to this point that it would even consider this ignorant pig of a man as someone worthy of holding the most influentail political position in the know world.

FUCKFUCKFUCK its ignorance

Uploaded 10/05/2008
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