Why are girls so "stuck up" as you put it? here's your answer

You guys keep wondering why girls always feel annoyed with the world or something, the answer actually pretty obvious if you actually bother to look into it. The reason is because you guys keep treating them like crap, like they exist merely to give you head, clean up, and feed you. Think about it, if you were in their shoes, you would be really pissed off, right? True, I have never had a true girlfriend and have only been kissed once or twice in my life, but I can certinly see how girls think. It astonishes me that the girls at my school are able to put up with total douchebags who push and bully them, and I cannot find love myself. True, I have tons of porn bookmarked in my favorites (you're welcome to view it), but that is mainly because those girls are enjoying what they are doing. I mean, if they were being beaten and were screaming in agony I would find it absolutely disgusting and wonder how anyone could possibly ifnd that sexy. I am a virgin, and if I were to make love, I would much rather give pleasure than receive it. I would fufill her deepest darkest fantasies; I would make sure she was happy and if she became upset, I would do all in my power to comfort her. To sum things up, I have notice that posts her have become pretty sexist and I was hoping you guys could learn from my observations.

Uploaded 06/13/2008
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