Why aren't there enough GOOD action movies?

I went to see the expendables and it was good but they could have made it so much better. I mean they only had Bruce Willis and Arnold make cameos! Cameos! I mean they are two of the best action heros ever right up there with Stallone, why couldn't they be in the team. That was a real let down for me.

I was always an action movie fan. There's nothing better than sitting in a large theatre and watching someone whether it be Stallone, Schwarzenegger, Bruc Willis or one of these newer action heros not from the eighties like Statham and Jet Li. But what the hell happened to when there was a new one every month and a GOOD one.

Now Die Hard (any one, take your pick) and Predator 1 were awesome and a whole assortment of other movies by Bruce Willis and Arnold and they are two of the biggest action stars EVER. So why the fuck did they make cameos and not very long ones, even by cameo standards. I mean they should have been in that movie way more. I mean wouldn't it have been great to see Stallone, Arnold, Bruce Willis and all the other stars in that movies fighting in one scene? Instead they took those two out and left the rest making the movie a let down compared to what I thought it would be. Not to say that a bunch of guys, espescially with Stallone in it isn't an awesome movie.

There were two good action movies from 2010 that I can think of and one is coming out on Friday, (Machete). So what happened to action movies like the Terminator Rambo? And i don't mean Rambo 4 or Terminator 3 I mean Rambo 3 and Rambo 2 and Terminator 1 and 2. It's all chick flicks and fucking Eat, Pray Love. What a terrible concept for a movie. If a movie makes money by preying on certain groups and not being legitimately entertaining it's not a good movie.

Also getting back to Rambo 4 and Terminator 3 what's with all of these crappy sequels to action movies that alwasy ruin the saga. Rambo would be a completely great series if it was like Rambo 3. One man goes into the desert to save a comrade and takes on an army by himself. Rambo 1-3 was good, wat the fuck happened on 4? Two good scenes, 2 GOOD SCENES. Terminator 3? What a travesty to Terminator and totally overshadowed Terminator 2 for being one of the best sequels ever because 3 was one of the worst movies ever. I mean follow the same formula you did with the last ones, they seem to work. Not to say original is bad but changing key parts to the filming which made the movie good is bad.

I know I talk a lot about movies, I just seem to like them a lot for some reason. I like action movies because when you go and see an action movie you will never be dissapointed. Explosions, guns, blood and hot chicks are the foundation of every good action movie. You also don't think about ANYTHING for two hours, all you can think is, THIS IS AWESOME!!! I really hope guys like Sly and Arnold direct more movies but I hope their like Rambo 3 and Terminator 2 and the EXPENDABLES!

Uploaded 09/01/2010
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