Why cancer will never be cured.

Ever wonder what our charitable donations to "Cancer research" societies pay for?  Why do they always need more money?   Why is progress so limited?



Of course... just like in all of my blogs... I blame money, greed, and the monopolizing corporations who take advantage. But unlike most of my blogs - this theory has leverage.


My opinion - whenever large corporations exploit profitability on anything - shit gets fucked up, and the original purpose is often blurred and converted into the sole purpose of profit - at any cost. (Although they will still use the sole purpose as a mask for their real intentions)


Patent laws have semi-recently been converted to allow for people to patent medical, and natural innovations that unavoidably allows for the patent of newly discovered genes, where previously products of nature could not be claimed as any one person's rightful property. (I couldn't make that shit up).   Of course large corporations have found the loop holes and have used this new law to patent and monopolize food industries and even cancer research.  

There are actually companies that own the patent to various types of cancer genes.  It seems like an ok idea until you realize what rights they have over these patented genes.  They have the right - as patent owners - to regulate research and even treatment... as they own it as a product, and unauthorized use could result in patent infringement. Kinda like putting lemon juice in Coke, calling it something new, and selling it as your own.... you can't do that... it's against the law.  By having the right to regulate research they also regulate the discovery of new medicines and technology used to combat and cure these devastating illnesses.  Corporations always have their best interests in mind - above all else. That is how they become successful. They are competitive - because they need to be. And they are obligated to please share holders in the hopes of raising the price of stocks and thus making their business more successful and powerful.  Although they will deny it, unless there is profitability on the horizon, it is not in their best interest to allow other companies and organizations to conduct research because of the possibility of new discoveries that can also be capitalized on, with this new law in place.  

This defeats the purpose of the law, which is to reward people for their innovative medical and bio-material discovers, in the hopes of drawing more attention to new environmentally friendly solutions to non-renewable resources... which in my opinion is a great incentive.

But... the corporations will always prioritize profit. There is no room for morals and compassion in the business world.  Even when you think a business is working towards your benefit, there is ALWAYS something in it for them - otherwise they would be called nonprofit charities.  So now, if a cancer research society sets out to conduct research in the hopes of finding a cure for cancer, they must first seek(purchase) the rights to work with patented genes, which diverts funds from the effort.  Companies have most definitely denied organizations, universities, and individual scientists the ability to use their rightfully owned diseases in research.  Why? It's more profitable if they are the ones who come up with (and patent) medicines and other treatments for these diseases.


Now... here's the question of the day:  What happens when these companies find that it is in their best interest not to have these diseases cured?  Do they make more money selling the treatments for their genes, than they would allowing societies who are not trying to make money, the opportunity to develop technologies that they will not have the right to make a profit on?  People needlessly die, research becomes retarded, and corporations keep getting richer.... because that's how they'll make the most money.




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