Why Conspiracy Theories have Damaged America

The beginnings of the conspiracy theorist can be traced back to the French revolution. When Napoleon appeared on the scene in 1804, with a sword in one hand and a mop in the other, Frenchmen were standing knee deep in a bath of blood. Dazed and confused they wondered how could of this happened to the most civilized country on Earth? Cognitive dissonance was about to afflict the entire nation. They couldn't deny the cruelty, violence and madness that occurred, the evidence was all around them. And they couldn't accept, that is was their hands that caused all the destruction.

The country needed to heal, so they could not blame themselves. Instead, there was the birth of the first conspiracy literature, along with identifying principal hobgoblins, such as Freemasons, the Jews and the Illuminati. To say it has been extremely successful, is an understatement, as it is extremely prevalent today, more than 200 years later. 

Eventually, the country did heal, but the seeds of future problems and misunderstandings flew around the world and now here we are, in a world full of distrust, not just between ideologically opposed nations, but between, states, provinces and territories, between counties, cities , rural and suburbs. The poor blame the rich, the liberals blame the conservatives. The business man blames the unions and the unions blame  what ever governments that don't enrich their contracts.  And visa versa, there's blame a plenty. Everyone is pointing at the other, because there is no way they could be responsible for the insanity. 

Who is responsible for the poorly educated child, the ignorant undisciplined child? There are many, just kids, deep down probably good kids, but without the basics their chances for a decent life is greatly reduced. Do the teachers stand up and say, "It is our duty to correct the problem"? Do the parents, provinces, states, cities, rural towns and villages take on the task? I see no evidence of that, they charge for it, the money is certainly there, but the results are poor. Eventually, the child will grow up, (grow up, ha, what does that even mean today) and if he does not make a go of it, he will point his finger not to himself, but as he has been taught, to everyone else. 

Why do good men do nothing? Well, I suppose it is either because they are not men or they are not good. "Good Man" Means something important. Someone who sticks to their words, principals and forges their own way, while showing compassion, strength and dignity to those who are not yet good men. 

The whole world is now all a great conspiracy of who to blame for what. Iran blames the Jews, America blames the Muslims, before it was the Russians and now again the Russians and the Chinese blame the Japanese. All based on sets of bullshit and presented by the countries that perpetrate it. Sometimes I wish the stronger nations and their people would just admit, "Yes, I want your stuff. I will ask nicely at first, then I will demand it and if that doesn't work, I'll blow your head off."  It's what we do. Man has always been like that. Just admit it, if we didn't,  we would not have technologically advanced as fast as we did. 

Then again is technological advancement our goal and should it be? Are we as people, better off with all these, "Things" that it's come to a point where we need to make up stories, lies, conspiracies and their theories in order to get, "Some"? Shouldn't the advancement be in ourselves as good men who need less? Yes, there is the Green movement, but it's gotten political and all anyone does is point fingers at each other. That, and perhaps separate their garbage and sage their guilt by lavishing themselves in a new, "More environmentally responsible vehicle" or sending off a few bucks to the WWF.

The conspiracy theories run deep in the veins of America and depending on your beliefs, wants, desires, political feelings or perhaps a big head with a vacuous nature, there are many conspiracies for you. But keep in mind, as you identify conspiracy, you are part of those who have conspired...The human race.

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