Why do some dumbasses hate women?

Failure is sometimes difficult for some people to comprehend and deal with.   It's like culture.

Those who do not have the means to conform to an "ideal", become alienated.  The alienated can either accept the negativity and thrive to change in order to conform, or they have the option of denial.   Those who deny are usually those with large unrealistic egos, so their personality will not allow them to accept negativity, and they will instead try and transform it into a positive attribute, which requires an altered set of values and norms.   For example, street crime.  Many people in poverty stricken communities are unable to conform to the ideal lifestyle where they are able to gain meaningful employment, and achieve socially accepted goals.   Since it is difficult to accept alienation, or defeat for that matter,  they make up their own values and normality.  To them it is a positive attribute to be tightly associated to gangs, or to make large profits from drug trading.  The amount of violence or crimes a person is willing to commit is a status symbol, and demands respect in these types of societies.   While outside societies may view these behaviors and values as taboo, those inside these societies operate on a different hierarchy of norms.  Basically, it's coping mechanism.

It's the same for women haters.   Those who cannot have - hate.   Not always - but it happens.  It usually occurs in the immature, or irrational.    It begins with a goal to conform to an ideal, which could be a meaningful relationship, a sexual endeavor, or even a positive relationship with one's mother.   They plan and decide which M.O's will help them achieve their goals, and if they fail and are rejected or hurt, one of two things happen.  They either see a need to change, whether it's their goal, or technique, or they use the coping mechanism.     It's like a child who is having a hard time doing a math problem.  He or she may resort to statements such as "math is stupid.  I shouldn't have to learn this crap" opposed to a more productive attitude such as "This is difficult, I should try harder to learn how to do this properly".   It's most often easier for the child to dismiss the situation all together, than it is for them to admit to not understanding.  It is often easier for a man to say "women are all bitches" than it is to say "I am not very good at associating with the opposite sex (or same sex - if you're gay)."

In severe cases this failure turns into irrational fears and or prejudice.   Some rejected males may avoid contact with women, in fear of rejection or disappointment.    Those who hate may try to justify their attitude by expressing false rational in the hopes of taking a offensive (and more favorable) approach.   An offensive defense. 

Despite all of this, the fact is, hating will not get you laid.   It will not make you a happy person.  It may save you some embarrassment for the past, but it may in turn cause embarrassment in the future.   You may find other men who feel the same as you do, but please do not allow that to justify your dishonest opinion.  You're not fooling any women... we know what you're up to.

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