Why do you care if you speel things wrong?

Hi.  It's your favorite past time asshole Eshel.  I've finally got something to blog about.  I couldn't help but read White Chocolates post on Mrstaypuffs love note to me saying....and i quote: "I WANT ATTENTION BUT I DONT BLOG ANYMORE BECAUSE WE HAVE FAGGOTS LIKE TYAEDA AND REDNOTE COMMENTING ON EVERY DAMN BLOG CORRECTING OUR SPELLING THIS ISNT FUCKING PRE SCHOOL YOU RAGING DUNGEON AND DRAGON PWN STARS."

I couldn't have said it better myself....but I will try.  Why do you all care what these two little fuck bags have to say?  If they are so fucking smart, then why do they spend most of their time hanging out on a fucking retarded site like EBW?

By the way they act, they should have professions such as:

College Professors

Rocket Scientists

English Majors..........etc.


But instead....Rednote is a broke ass musician and Tyaeda probally sucks dick for coke and pays her rent by fucking the landlord.  So what does that say about them?

Does it mean that they are smart for being stupid or stupid for being smart? 

So I ask you again...Why do you give a fuck what they say?  They are obviously not smart enough to handle their own affairs....why should they be smart enough to handle yours?

I dno't gvie a fvck ef I speel everry snigle fvking wodr worng.  I don't care if my grammar sucks.  The fact remains that I can still get my point across and that people understand what I'm saying.

The only reason that they give such remarks is because that's all they got.  They know how to write and use the english language with correct grammar and spelling....woopie. 

Thank God Rednote/Bluenote is so smart....otherwise he would be a broke little pussy with no job and would have to go out and pawn things such as his computer to make rent for the month...actually happened folks.  And he was so obsessed with this website, that he would actually go to a friends house to blog when his computer was still in hock.

Tyaeda on the otherhand I don't know much about.  We haven't even talked.  But my guess is she's just another dumb ass with skills in writing.  She comes on here and blogs to escape the thoughts of her father fucking her in the ass as a child and takes it out on everyone else.  She probably gets moist looking at mouse traps and spends her free time sucking cock for food stamps.

Ladies and gents....I bid you a fuck you.


Uploaded 04/22/2010
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