Why do you have trouble believing in evolution?

Since I'm arguing a farce on another thread about the September 11th, 2001 attack and the evil aliens that framed Islam for it, let's start another one here.


Let's start with some statistics:


As of 2005, there is only one country that has a lower rate of belief in evolution, Turkey.  25% think it's likely true, about 20% are not sure, and the rest think it's false.


Here in the US, 39% think it's true, 20% aren't sure, and the rest think it's false.


In Europe, about twice as many people are on board with the theory than here.


Here in the US, a 2009 Gallup poll questioned people about their demographics and their belief in evolution. 


Not surprisingly, people who went to church believed in it about half as often as those who didn't.


Concerning education, among those with high school or less, only 24% believed in evolution.  With some college, that number goes up to 41%.  College graduates are at 53%.  People with advanced degrees are up to 74%.


Here in the US, 34% of people polled couldn't name the theory associated with Charles Darwin.


I'm not saying that people who don't believe in evolution are stupid or uneducated, I'm saying that the rate that people believe in evolution goes up with education level.


First of all, before we start to argue, let's define what evolution is trying to say:  Evolution doesn't try to explain where the first life on Earth came from.  Evolution tries to explain how organisms change over time and how new species appear on the Earth.  Evolution doesn't say that we evolved from monkeys.  Monkeys have been here as long as we have.  They are not our progenitors.  Evolution says that both humans and monkies had a common ancestor millions of years ago.  We went one way on the evolutionary tree and monkeys went another.


What's more, don't tell me that evolution is "just a theory" because theories are as close to a fact as science has.  The idea that the Sun is the center of the solar system and Earth orbits around it is "heleocentric theory."  The idea you're made out of little pieces of life called cells is "cell theory."  The idea that your cells are made out of fundimental parts of matter called atoms is "atomic theory."  These theories had to follow the same rules, the same rigor, and are just as accepted in the scientific community as evolution.  They are all "just theories" in science.  One of the most contentious theories in science right now is "gravitational theory" which Einstein fucked up with general relativity stating there was no such thing as a force of gravity. 


So why is it you have trouble with evolution?  Do you think there has been no new species since God alakazammed every living thing on Earth into existance?  Are you confused about the difference in adaptation and its role in natural selection?


Tell me about it.

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