Why does poop have to smell so bad?

I mean seriously... why cant it smell like potpourri or something?  Its just rediculous.  And dont try to get all scientific on me and explain why sulfur and methane have certain effects on your senses, and all that other jargon.  I know WHY it smells bad.. but it sucks that it HAS to smell bad... well, for the most part.


You know, for all those people out there who are shouting out that this and that is proof that God exists, this is one of the arguments that should trump them.  I mean, all these religous fanatics are always going around talking about how the world is so complex, and that is proof that God made it all because he's so intelligent.


Well, if he's intelligent enough to say "Let there be light" then surely he'd be intelligent enough to say "Poop shall not smell bad."  Why would anyone want us suffer by breathing in other peoples poop fumes and poop particles this way?


You know what they say... everytime you flush the toilet, those poop particles get suspended in the air, and travel throughout your whole house.  Ewww...

Uploaded 05/11/2009
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