Why don't dogs pee on babies?

I was recently walking my dog who (as most dogs do) stopped to pee every 5 feet to "mark his territory." Aside from this he sniffed spots that he had previously peed on to make sure his scent was still strong. I was more then convinced that if my dog thought that i was his territory he would have peed on me, luckily he knows i'm in charge. Which got me thinking dogs are very territorial over infants and young children, generally not allowing anyone to get near them without a good sniff atleast first. Trying to protect them from harm's way no matter what it may be, like this video i saw on ebaumsworld where a kid keeps opening a drawrer and tries to put his hand in but the dog pushes it closed with his nose before the kid can get his hand in to protect him from getting hurt. With acts like this that are so territorial, and dogs having the tendency to mark their territory with their urine, why don't dogs pee on babies?

Uploaded 09/10/2008
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