why girl beers are popular in america

I classify any extremely popular beers in America today as feminine. Budweiser, busch, etc. Low calorie, light beers, low filling. Sure, great if you're a preteen tryin to be cool, or a womanz trying to "fit in" with the guys, or maybe you're just fuckin broke. Let me show you that it's not just a preference, but there's a reason to the gayness.

Reason #1
Right after the prohibition, everyone was jumping back into the beer game. Germans especially. At the time, the grains needed to make a real brew were in short supply (prohibition), so we used lotsa rice as filler. Rice has a lightening effect on beer.

Reason #2
During ww2 all the men (or at least the real ones) were out fighting the war. So, beer companies needed to market their drinks to women and womenly men who squeeked by the war. So they made low calorie, light beers. Flooded the market with the shit and now its popular to this day.

Go out and try some real drinks, find a microbrewery or look in your local market for some real beer. Stop buying the garbage thats shit-stuffed on 90% of the alcohol section. Taste the real shit, you know the kind that tastes like you eat a loaf of bread and it's now time to lay down. The kind thats dark as fuckin coffee. No more rice adjuncts, that's for poor people and women trying to lose weight.

Frog out
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