why i am kicking myself

So this is a true story that happened to me a few years ago and to this day i still get grief from my friends about it.

So i'll set the scene, i am in college and me and some mates go on a trip organised by the law faculty to go to London. On this trip we were to see the houses of parliament, some courts etc etc. The usual college-trip stuff. The real reason we went however was for the night life and the drinks. We all took vodka and beer with us and most of that had disappeared by the time we had arrived by train in the capital. So we spend our first day walking around London, sampling the sights and nipping in every pub we had the opportunity to for a quick jar. That night we went to the comedy store, where Rich Hall was performing amongst others. It was a good night and we all went back to our hotel in Camden in a good mood, except one of our friends who got arrested and another who got lost for about 4 hours and spent about £80 trying to get back. Anyway back to my story, when we got back to the hotel, we dived straight out to the nearest petrol-station to buy some more vodka and ample beer for the night. So we put some music on courtesy of some i-pod speakers and had a party in our room. It gets to about 3 am and theres a knock on the door. I wasn't really in a state to open the door and was dressed to be honest like a total tw*t- a bright pink jumper, combat pants rolled up into a terrible pair of shorts and a big pair of timberland boots. Nevertheless, t'was i who did open the door, and to this day i wish things had gone SO differently! When i opened the door there was a lone man there, i presumed that we had awoken him with our music so i said, ' sorry, did we wake you up with the music?' to which he replied, (in a quite gay American accent, you know the type), ' No, you're ok we're actually having a party of our own if you'd like to join us?' At this point images of a gay party are flashing through my mind. So i replied, 'Erm... no, you're ok thanks i think i'll pass'. Upon which i closed the door and returned to my friends to have a good laugh at the gay yank! Anyway the party fizzled out and various people disspersed and the rest slept where they fell. So the next morning we get up and go down to the lobby to see if the bar is open yet. It wasn't, so we had to make do with a cup of tea. The next thing i know, my mate shouts 'GIRLS ALOUD!', and points to the lift, where, as he said, Girls Aloud had emerged from. As we were all amazed to see such hot women in the flesh, it didn't quite register who was stood next to them.... the 'Gay Yank'. It was their manager, and i had turned down one of their parties. Gutted is an understatement.


Just incase you don't know who they are, these are Girls Aloud. =[

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