Why I Believe in God.

Due to the improbability of our existence at this time as calculated mathematically, there must be some force yet unknown to us that caused it to happen. I call this force God. Might as well, until a better explanation comes around.

What is wrong with worshipping this force that put us here? I'll call it God and I will thank him for creating such a wonderful planet filled with beauty and potential. That's called, "Appreciation" for being allowed to be part of it, not just like some unit that wakes up every day drawing  breath as though he is some spoiled bureaucrat entitled to his entitlement.  If someone gives you a gift there are at least two things to be thankful for, the gift and the person who gave it to you. Same with our lives, we should be thankful for our life and at the same time be appreciative of whatever force gave it to us. I'll call it God, until a more appropriate name or greater understanding becomes relevant. 

Anti theist ,not just run of the mill atheist or those who do not think past their nose, have reinforced my belief in God. Whenever I engage an anti theist or witness a discussion involving an anti theist they fill with a kind of hate that must eat them up inside. Even some people who are relatively intelligent get all worked up when the idea of God is introduced calling us more enlightened, names like, "Stupid assholes, Ignorant bible thumpers" or worse. I mean they get really, really angry. Wow! I'm glad I'm not an angry person, that would be sad and unproductive. Thank you very much, but I prefer loving an imaginative force over hating something that doesn't even exist. How sad is that? Hating nothing?

Even Christopher Hitchens became provoked when discussing his favourite subject about something that doesn't exist. But, the man is deserving of respect as he later concluded abortions were immoral. So I know at least his thought were genuine and not guided by others. However, his impatience with religion and the idea of God did impair his arguments, which is a negative. 

Basically, God does exist, because we exist and until there is a better explanation, I'll go on thanking God with good demeanour as opposed to shaking my fist at things I do not believe exist. 

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