Why I feel 911 Was an Inside job.

The very words bring up so many opinion, and feelings. Let me say this. When my opinion is mentioned I will distinguish it from fact. Everything else I am going to say is a fact.


In 1997 there was a group named Project for a New American Century. This group released a "statement of principles" which called for an expansion of military power and things of this nature. Signers included Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz, and Jeb Bush. In 2000, the group released a document entitled Rebuilding America's Defenses. They re stated their principles, and in the document also stated change would come slow "absent a catastrophic and catalyzing event- a new Pearl Harbor."


Now on 9/11 we were lead to believe 4 planes that were knowingly hijacked flew off course without being intercepted, and or shot down. This may be because there were many anti terror drills going on, in which hijacked air craft were flying into targets. This lead to confusion, and also lead to fighter a lot of fighter jets being un available to take down the planes (there were still some, they just never made it for some reason). Odd coinincedence?


The very way the Twin Towers fell are extremely questionable. First the towers were built to withstand crashes from he biggest plane at the time. I know they were not the same size as the Boeing 757's that crashed into them, but they were very similar. Also they were built to withstand the plane being fully filled with fuel, and going at full speed. On 9/11 the plane was neither. Both buildings fell in the same way, at nearly the same speed. Both speeds were extremely close to the rate of gravity. Why the significance? I'll explain:

Lets say, hypothetically, we could hold 1/5 of the twin tower buildings with a crane ( I say this because the official story has us believe the force of the crippled tower was enough to make th building fall). One of the 1/5ths is being held over thin air, and the other over the rest of the building, the 4/5th. When we rerelease the 1/5ths, they both hit the ground at the same time. Does that make sense?

Is there evidence of explosives? Yes. There have been multiple witnesses that heard explosions in the buildings, some even before the plane hit. If you watch when the towers fell, you can notice "squibs". What seems to be puffs of air shooting out the sides in some cases 100's of feet before where the building is fallings.

NIST has denied the existence of melted steel (NIST was one of the groups looking scientifically at how the towers fell). Yet, there have been many eye witnesses who have seen metal "flowing like lava" at the core of the buildings after collapse. What would cause this? Thermite. Dr. Stephen Jones has examined dust from the towers, and has found highly advanced chips of unexploded thermite.

Every plane has two "black" boxes in them. Their job is to record what is happening on the plane. Non have been found, or at least thats what have been said. One of the first responders saw one with his own eyes, and even was told by the FBI that two more have been found. Believe him or not, its up to you. Let me tell you what we HAVE found. We found a paper passport allegedly belonging to one of the hijackers. Paper passport or indestructible black boxes. What is more likely to be found?

There has never been a video released that can identify a Boeing 757 flying into the pentagon. There are videos that have been confiscated from nearby businesses that have never been released. They were taken within minutes of the crash.

The maneuver carried out by the hijacker has been called impossible by many advanced pilots. The people tracking the plane on radar even thought this was a military plane because of the skill, and advanced maneuvers being pulled off. (to hit the pentagon, the plane had to pull a 360 degree turn). The plane hovered inches over the lawn (we must assume this because of the lack of a skid mark) then hit the side. It left a 16ft hole, no apparent damage from the vertical stabilizers, wings, or engines. None of these parts mentioned have been found, and are said to have been vaporized, yet there the bodies were identified (by the same person identifying the bodies at the Pennsylvania site).

Building 7 was the third building to fall. This was due to fire we are told. It fell in 6.5 seconds into its own foot print. We have pre knowledge of the collapse. A fire fighter saw his sergeant holding his hand over a radio unit he let off and he heard 3 2 1 then the chief said "run for your life" and they did, and the building fell. Another notable story is the BBC was reporting the collapse of the building, while it stood in the background, 20 minutes before it happened. Guess some one press released too soon.


The 9/11 Commission was a joke, over half believe they were deliberately lied to, and a high ranking general was even told by one, they were all covering for someone. They open up with saying they are not there to point blame on any one. They also don't mention building 7 at all (you tube wtc 7 if you have never seen it fall)


This is just the icing on the cake. I didn't want to into baking the whole thing (cheesy analogy much?). If it interests you at all please look up more. I know a lot of you wont believe me for various reasons, but if you made it this far you have my respect, and for those of you who don't believe it, and say why you have my respect as well. Speak up. It not what you say, that matters, its standing up for your beliefs that do. If you dont believe it was an inside job, I hope you at least feel the need for a new investigation.

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