Why I hate Anti-Abortionists

Let me start this off by saying that yes I am Pro-Choice on this. Let me further this statement by saying that while I am pro-choice I would do anything in my power to make sure any baby I sired was NOT aborted, as that is my CHOICE.


I was driving home from work today to see my wife and 3 month old baby, when I was visually accosted on the way home. Several Anti-Abortionists had setup on the side of the road to preach their view. I have nothing against people trying to spread their word, but as a group Anti-Abortionists tend to use the type of preaching that particularly irks me.


As I drove up on these people I saw a sign that said "Warning, Abortion photos ahead" and knew that I was in for it. Now, these people were all sitting out in front of Devonshire Mall in Windsor Ontario Canada holding up 4' X 4' posters of 10 week and older aborted fetuses. To say I was offended is an understatement, keep in mind this has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that I believe that Abortion is a choice someone has the right to make.


All the pictures were of Fetuses beyond 10 weeks because this is when the fetus is recognizably human, 2 legs, 2 arms, hands, feet, teeth, even hair, and I have to drive by pictures of these babies ripped apart by whatever means of Abortion was used. Did I mention I have a 3 month old at home?


Likely that reaction is exactly what the Anti-Abortionists wanted from me, outrage at having to see these horrible images. Outrage enough to join their cause and hold up a sign? Not even close, for like i said I believe in the right to choose, and personally don't believe in Abortion at all.


Why is it that if I drop some racist slur, which I don't do as I am not racist, I am a ignorant asshole, but someone can Visually assault me on a street corner with horrifying pictures? To me this kind of "advertising" is like walking up to someone in punching them in their face to prove to them how uncomfortable violence truly is. It an argument that's counter-productive, offensive, and arrogant in it's presentation.  Nothing gives you the right to Visually, Verbally, or Physically accost someone because they just might not agree with you.  This type of approach has been used in the past, in fact it's the reason for the crusades, the witch hunts, hell, it's even the reason the holocaust happened, one person fealt he knew better then someone else, and was determined to prove it at any cost.


I agree that Abortion is a horrible thing, but I also agree that the woman involved has the right to choose.

Uploaded 08/11/2008
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