Why I hate Blogs

Personally I think blogs suck. I'll try to keep it short, because I know you have better things to do like apply for jobs or having a life outside the internet. But reading or typing blogs is a waste of time and is pain on the eyes. Regardless of what the blog is about you'll end up in a shit filled argument with some arrogant, dogmatist person who try's to convince you that you're an idiot. And that no one cares about the blog itself but instead its about a stupid e-fight to see who can outwit each other or have the last word in. Rather it's politics or religion or whatever the fuck, it's a big waste of time. And trolls are jacking off just waiting for a new person to prey on, so don't bother typing anything that you're actually interested in or how you feel because some asshole is just drooling to shit all over it. Even after typing this I can tell some silver-tongued, word-smith is just waiting to tell me to stop wasting bandwidth with awful blog postings. I'm more open to do a vlog than a blog because you could see my face and the human element would be a bigger factor in the conversation. But you still have trolls on youtube that love to hide behind keyboards and act like little dick faced 12 year olds. in conclusion....... eat my butt.
Uploaded 08/19/2013
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