Why I hate Boogie

Boogie.  Yeah I hate her.  You will hate her too after reading this blog.

First off... Tall women? PLEASE.  Aren't we beyond caring what a woman's height is anymore?  So what, you are roughly 6 foot tall, hot, sweet figure, with blonde hair and a shaved twat.  Big whoop.

Second... Good opinions???  Come on, who cares if you have a smart brains and go on witty rants.  Big deal, one or two people don't give a shit.  None of us wants to hear well thought out storys and writings from a chick who is above showing her tits on the interwebnets.   I also HATE your ability to recognize sarcasm.  Get a life, Bitchtits McTitty.

Third... Great Wife?  Whatever, like that even matters these days.  Your husband gets to hang with the boys, play vidja games,  eat good food and have awesome conversation with his hot wife before getting some sexy fun time.  OVERATED in my opinion.

Lastly... These blogs have to stop.  We do not need anymore smart people with smart ass opinions and good ideas.  This is ebaumsworld!  We do not need you starting a trend of cool sexy chicks giving us insight into their awesomeness.  Please keep that at the other shit site you spend your time at.   I have known you for roughly 3 years or so, and christmas cards and wedding favors only prove that you are far too different from most users on this site and clearly do not belong.

Here is a 4 second video for boogie, with a replay in case you miss it.

Kindly take this advice, you "coolbeansbitch".

Thank you and good day!

Uploaded 03/09/2011
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