Why I hate most black people

So my buddy lives in a shitty neighbourhood called spryfield. And his next door neighbours are black. Go figure. But they aren't just any black people, they're the black people who LOVE to call the cops. And I mean LOVE they're pretty much bestfriends with the cops. Couple of stories to go with it.

One day my buddy (shall call him D) D was outside and he had a BB gun looked like a 9 and his black neighbour seen it and called the 5-0 on him and was saying he had AKs and all kinds of other shit in his house. About 5 mins later the cops show up with S.W.A.T and like 5 cruisers. They all come out guns pointed at him and starting freaking out on him. And of course with that police brutality comes into play. They start smacking him around beating him throwing him on the groud beating him against their cruisers and one cop throws him in the back of one of the cruisers and stomps down on his ankles a couple times for whatever reason and they raid his house looking for guns and whatever else his neighbour said was in there. All they found was another BB gun and a couple knifes and blah blah blah they let him go.

Story 2 :P

I was at his place one day and his Dad went out to mow their lawn and everyone elses lawn except the blacks lawn and when he's mowing their side of the grass some of it got on "her" doorstep when it's both of theirs and she took pictures and called the cops and they showed up about 10 mins after he finished going on about how theres laws for grass and whatnot and whatever happened and they left. As you can probably tell that black family doesn't really like them too much :P

I'm sure you can see why anybody would hate somebody like that for shit they pulled. I mean I kinda liked black people but after being there hearing some of the stories I don't really like 'em too much.

Maybe some of you will agree maybe some won't. Hopefully it won't change your views on blacks.

Uploaded 08/04/2008
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