Why I hate WTC and Pentagon conspiracy nuts

I agree with SJG that giving these people attention is probably wrong.  I mean, that's what they want.  They are the wannabe oppressed of the internet.  It makes them feel adventurous and an insider to the real story.  I imagine them striking a pose like the antihero in V for Vendetta. 

"Remember remember the eleventh of September

fake hijacking, treason and plot.

I know of no reason why fake hijacking, treason

Should ever be forgot"


I just can't help it.  When I hear or see people pushing this kind of 'anti-teaching' it drives me insane.  It turns into a kind of contagious disease the propagates itself on the internet to the weak minded and undereducated.  The combination of half-facts, pseudoscience, and insane bias should be laughable, but it sounds reasonable to so many people that it's not laughable.  It's alarming.


In my experience, these loose change or zeitgeist type people will tell you everything that they think is wrong with the 'cover story' every chance they get.  Much of their evidence has no basis other than the fact that they constantly say it.  "Jet fuel can't melt steel girders!"  Well, actually, it can.  What's more, it doesn't have to.  It just has to soften up the metal a tiny bit for it to stop working like a support.  But it's been said so many times on the internet, now everybody knows that jet fuel can't melt steel.  It turns out that good steel melts around 1,300 fahrenheit.  Hell, you can get regular gasoline almost that hot.  You keep it simmering, it'll soften up.


I've also noticed that these people are reticent to detail exactly what they think happened.  It's my opinion that this is because they know that most people will think they're fucking crazy or moronic as soon as they open their mouths.  People have to be indoctrinated and desensitized to such craziness for it to be plausible.  If Scientologists came right up to you and explained Xenu to you, you'd run through traffic to get away from them.  It's the same with these assholes.  They give you little tastes of bullshit to get you accomodated.  Before long, you're shovelling it in like it's a normal thing to do.


In his blog about government spooks keeping video evidence from him, I pointedly invited a lover of stringed instruments to address some questions I had about his version of what happened ten years ago.  I cast aspersions upon his manhood should he decline.  If you think that something happened ten years ago that didn't involve a radical, Muslim terrorist cell made up of mostly Saudi citizens here in the US hijacked planes and crashed them into buildings, I'd appreciate if you reply to these items number by number.  I'll number each problem I have with your story.  You number your replies the same as the question it answers.  Dont feel compelled to address them all if you don't want to.  Answer one, skip a few... whatever you'd like.  If you've posted earlier on the subject and decline to do so here, I'll just assume you're a pussy.


1) The people who executed the 9/11 attack where under the direction of who? 

2) Were those drones that hit the WTC buildings?  Airplanes?  Missiles?

3)  Was that a drone that hit the Pentagon?  A 767/757?  A smaller paramilitary plane that can launch a missile right before impact, contrary to how all military missiles have ever been used?

4)  People had set tons of explosives inside the WTC buildings to cause a collapse.  And dangle, nanothermite is an explosive (rapid oxidizer).  Nobody mentioned this installation in the many days it would take to set up the demolitions.  It was done secretly from delivery trucks.  This is the origin of the banging and explosions in the buildings before collapse.  It was not the sounds of the structure giving way.

5) There are no grieving families of people in flight 77. It wasn't a plane. Those grievingfamilies, including little children, are in on the conspiracy and part of the shadow government.

6) Tens of thousands of federal employees, airline companies, private citizens, and contractors are all involved in the largest conspiracy ever conceived.  None of them have come forward with conclusive evidence. 

7) We got Al Qaeda to say they committed these attacks.  They couldn't do it, they're just dumb Arabs.  They're just our lackeys who do what we say.

8) Destroying a city block in Manhatten by using a massive conspiracy involving thousands of people complicite with it and the murder of thousands of innocent citizens would be a reasonable plan for some entity that wasn't Arab terrorists.  What was their objective in carrying out such an elaborate plan that couldn't be acheived by something less elaborate or expensive?

I could do more, but that's enough for now.  I'll be able to at least get a benchmark by responses to these questions.


Now why do I hate these conspiracy theorists?  It's because they disrespect me by their story.  They don't fear to accept the most outlandish story as plausible and then call you a sheep for not agreeing with them.  They'll tell you that hundreds or thousands of people got together in shadowy rooms or giant, naked ballrooms like in Eyes Wide Shut and came up with a plan to attack Manhattan.  They'll tell me that I voted for some of them to become one of my representatives in my Republic government.  They'll tell me I'm stupid or deluded for not believing in a giant Cabal of monsters... literally monsters that plan on killing thousands and destroy city blocks to advance some shady agenda.  What's worse is they disrespect me by filling the internet with their bullshit on the anniversary of the attack so my own personal reflection has to be tainted with their inane position.  They bravely ejaculate their ignorance with an over inflated sense of worth and an air of entitlement.  They deserve to do this...  They're a little more important because they know the 'real' story.  If I were a better man I'd just feel sorry for them.  But I'm not.  I hate.

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