Why I joined Ebaumsworld

So I've been coming to this site on a semi-regular basis for about 3 years now, but just recently decided to actually sign up and participate, its not because I whole heartedly enjoy the company on here. Some folks are outright dicks for no good reason, other then just wanting attention, some have nothing better to do, and yet even with all the bashing and pettyness that goes on people still come back which I think is funny. The site would be a bit less of a place to visit if everyone was busy kissing each others asses.

Well I decided to sign up because of a little report I saw about Ebaumsworld being sued, this sparked my interest I enjoy this site, so who cares if other peoples stuff gets posted here thats the point in the first place make as many people see it as possible, things are meant to be enjoyed. Thats why people film things and create things, and of course theres the monetary compensation but that should really be secondary.

I did a little snooping and saw just how much animosity there is towards Ebaumsworld. I thought "What a bunch of shit" people get way to built up into internet "wars" its like whos fanbase has less of a life?

I post a lot of stuff relatively speaking, not all of it good, not all of it trashy just some things I see and that I like. I figure if I see it on an original site, or on youtube or some crap like that, they got their view and thats really no difference from going out and renting a dvd, and if it really was good people will look them up later on. And Ebaumsworld is like a giant mixed cd. You get a little bit of everything that everyone contributes to, and unlike some giant sites like youtube or myspace, the chances of getting featured or someones work being shown is much greater. Its like everyone gets a chance at being a star for the day. I know when the video I found was featured I got a lot of messages from people asking me where I found it, I gladly shared and thats a good feeling.

So for the folks on here who share for the greater good many beers to you.

And for the idiots who can't take a joke, well much puke for you.

P.S. Go easy on the spelling or content of this, I haven't slept since noon yesterday.


Uploaded 09/08/2008
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