Why I keep bringing it up..............

I keep bringing up the point of Rev. Wright because it is what interest me for one and the other is all these anti-God people on this site. Now look I would fight to the death for your right to have that view but just because you feel that way about God and religion does not mean people of faith do. Our faith leads us in our daily life and the way we view life's challenges. When I think about Mr. Obama going to that church where he has been taught to hate white people it scares the hell out of me. I remember when I was 8 years old standing on a street corner and watching the white police officers turn HOSES on human beings and I saw on the news where they would turn their dogs on them. I will NEVER forget that because even as a child I knew I would not allow people to do that in my presence once I was old enough to do something about it. Face it guys the man spent 20 years in a church where they teach the hatred of a race of people and because it was better for him to resign hoping we would not find out. We did but the liberal media put it on page 12 of Home and Garden section, thank God for the Internet. IT IS IN HIS HEAD he didnt go a few times and not like the teaching and quit, he quit because he was going to run for president. Mr. Obama is a real good used car salesman and he makes it sound so good to do the things he projects like raise taxes. I for one am in favor of raising taxes but to raise taxes to spend and start more CORRUPT Government programs, well I have already done this (Jimmy Carter) oh God once you do that once you will never go back without a fight. Now I hear all the time about the polls and how McCain should just quit and we who remember Jimmy Carter will not stop fighting until we are dead. God have mercy on us all if Obama gets elected, and I am talking about the real God of love of all races not the one where Obama was taught. 


In closing I will not stop talking about this topic it is to damn important and when the election is over I will stop because people will have made up their minds but not one day sooner.


Thanks for reading and I will be glad to DISCUSS any and all topics but if you are going to start with insults and ask me to do your work for you and look stuff up well........I  have better things to do Bohank


PS  I will be back on around 10 pm so come on back. lets talk.

Uploaded 11/02/2008
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