-Why I like Canadians-

I am an American, and pretty damn proud to be one. However, there is a lot we can learn from our brothers to the north. Ill go ahead and put the reasons down in a bulletin fashion.


1.) Canadians know American Politics- It's amazing that they actually have that kind of staked interest in us, whether it is to mock our government or choices, at least the have more intelligence in the subject then most Americans do.

2.) Canadians are Opinionated Smartasses- Which, though it can be annoying, at least when they take sides in an issue they have concise arguments and actually know something about what they are saying. Plus an Smartasses are better then Dumbasses any day.

3.) Canadians are not Aggressors- They haven't supported our attack on Iraq, nor did they support the Vietnam Conflict.

4.) Canadians know they aren't the center of the Universe- Canadians, though self absorbed at times, realize the world doesn't revolve around them. I have never heard a Canadian say "The world owes Canada (Insert reason why here)".

5.) Canadians are Isolationists, though they care about multinational politics, when have you ever heard of the Canadian military occupying lands outside their borders? When have they ever tried to spread their ideals?

6.) Canadians kicked Nazi ass- They took Juno beach in WW2 in a flash even up against heavy resistance. Thats fucking awesome.

7.) Canadians are generally nice people- Toronto isn't full of Assholes like Boston is.

8.) Canadians have Socialized Medicine- I have never heard a Canadian complain about this system.

9.) Canadians make Awesome Maple Syrup- Trust me, it's better then anything you can fucking buy here, unless of course its imported from Canada.

10.) Canadians Hate Walmart- With a fucking passion, just like I do.

11.) Canadians Appreciate Conversation- Though I'm sure there are dumb asses there, most of the civil conversations I have on this site are with people from Canada. Which is fucking pathetic when you consider that most the users of Ebaumsworld are American.

(And I'm sure Ill will get flack for this last one but...)

12.) Canadians like Americans- It doesn't show because they tend to have utter disgust for everything we do/say/idolize. But underneath their snide comments and hyped up intellectual bullshit, they try and steer you in a direction they think is right, it's a sign of affection in an incredibly jackass way.


There is a bond between our two nations, we share a common ancestry, we have common values (At times), and most of all, we both have a staked interest in each others development. It didn't change after the War of 1812, this fraternity we have, and it will not change even if we are plunged into a new dark age. We share more then just a border with these people, they are more then just our neighbors to the North.

Oh, but your Bacon sucks... Its just fucking circles ham, get over it.


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