Why I like Richard Dawkins

There are many reasons I like Richard Dawkins. He engages himself in heady debates with those with opposing views in a humble and respectful manner. He promotes and explains the good work of Charles Darwin in a succinct and easily understood way. But the biggest thing I like about him is when he said, "But you need a combination of that (hard work)  and genuine inspiration, which is akin to poetry; it's akin to great art; it's the inventive, creative leap which great scientists have."

That statement really clarifies the line between religion and science. Science being the imaginative art of coming up with an idea and then working hard to prove it. Where as religion is your imagination working hard to find a God already created in someone else's head, not yet proven. Both scientific discovery and religion originate from the human imagination, but the job of science is broken down to smaller and smaller  workable packets, where the question of God is one giant puzzle.

Richard Dawkins if presented the proof of God, would indeed believe in him. He can't at this point in human evolution find those facts and even if they existed., I doubt there is a person alive that could possibly understand them. It is the point that man's greatest gift is his imagination and the will to create with it, great works. His pragmatic approach to religion is not out of spite, hate or for selfish pride, like many atheist spew, it is one with a measured understanding and of constant search for the proof. He is in a way, actually helping the religions by adding to the questions we must answer as a religious people. It is a monumental task, but as I believe and I think Richard Dawkins too believes, that mankind with his big brain and wonderful potential for creation, can do anything and that too would include the discovery of God.

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