Why I Love Cats So Much.

I know most people like cats because they are so damn cute. Me too.  My family lived way up in Northern Canada until recently when the Canadian government shut down our cat ranch.  Now my dad works in Resolute and my brother and sister are studying in Ottawa.

We had a nice sustainable farm but the Canadian government did not like us raising cats. Here is a picture of my Dad giving Winky a treat.

I love everything about cats, even how they smell and taste. That's right part of our sustainability was to eat some of the cats. My mother made all kinds of great recipes and techniques for cooking cats. We had some customers that we would ship the tasty meat to and and we even had started to sell the furs to a company in China. That's when things got real bad.  The Canadian government told us that we can't export the meat or the fur, in fact we can't even take it off the farm or share it with our neighbours. Having invested so much in our cat ranch and not being able to earn an income we lost our farm. My mother who loved our cat ranch so much died of a broken heart and that pretty well ended our family. So now we all live apart. My uncle hates cats and now I have to visit the neighbours  to get my share of cat love.

When I finish school here, I am going to move back up North and start my own little cat ranch. Hopefully by that time the laws will let me raise my cats just like the cattle rancher or the pig farmer. I know other cat lovers don't like my way of keeping cats, but it allows me to surround myself with them and survive in the hard northern climate. I cry  whenever I have to cull some cats, just like the pig farmer and small cattle rancher.  Anyways I love everything our furry friend has to offer. I hope to read other cat lovers stories.
Uploaded 09/04/2011
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