Why I love ebaums world

1. it's fun to laugh at anothers expense

2. it's fun to comment about someone's stupidity and be totally mean about it

3. you get the most random stuff - like dolly's new book or a guy crappin in a drinking fountain

4. There are tons of other people who are laughing with you, making fun of someone with you, or degrading something/someone with you.

5. it's such a great time waster for those boring days at work

6. we can bitch about some guy named ebaum posting stupid things like CATURDAY and he'll never change.

7. DEMOTIVATORS - making fun of some dumbass with a few simple words

8. the extreme videos like the little shit kid who slapped his mom on the Maury show, or the crazy russian dude that went apeshit in the office.

9. A video of a fat kid getting hit by a skateboard after throwing a stick - priceless!

10. Morons in this world get what they deserve: a bun of people [thats, you and me] making fun of them on a website without their knowing.

11. Although we "HATE" CATURDAY, we still find the time to look at all the photo's and TAKE THE TIME TO COMMENT, yet bitch about how stupid it is, stupid it was, or how stupid the LOLcat's are to begin with. You like it, or you dont - we don't want to hear your bitching about it.

12. Not only a time waster [as stated in #5] but also a way to get rid of stress by typing out your anger, or playing some pointless game.

13. EBAUM himself. For if he was not born, we'd not have this website in which to congregate, laugh at/with and write horrible things about other people.

14. Foriegn videos are funny and we'll tear em down because WE'RE AMERICANS DAMMIT - those videos are made for commenting pleasure, not viewing.

You people are frickin amazing; hurrah's for you. Pat yourself on the back, you deserve it

Uploaded 06/05/2008
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