Why I Quit managing people...........

A few years back I managed a couple of service stations for a company and I won't mention their name BP. Back then you hired and fired employees and were responsible for shortage, now what this means is if you hire a thief (they are all thieves) then you probably will not get a commission check and that is where your real money came from. People would put their applications in and promise you the world about how they didnt steal(did I mention they all steal) and would always show up for work. It would start about day 4 and the phone would ring and Sherry couldn't come in because her baby daddy took the car keys or her new boyfriend didnt fix the flat tire that was flat both days they were off the saddest part about this is they think this is a legitimate excuse. I did this for about a year and then it happened I got a good crew and I was finally able to take a day off but NOOOOOO!!!! I get a call about the car wash being broken and I said I would be right there and when I get there a man was sitting in his car, stuck in that damn car wash and it was on his 52nd straight car wash, the thing kept running over and over and over. I went in and shut the wash off and looked at my employees and they just stared at me DUMB SHITS, anyway needless to say I had to calm down this customer and kiss a lot of major butt. I give this guy free pop and oil and free fill up and gave him a gift card for his next fill up and I thought I was done but do you know what this guy wanted? A frigging car wash, I kid you not a damn car wash after getting 52 in a row. Yes I gave him a car wash coupon and at that moment I knew I was looking for a new job.


Thanks for reading Bohank

Uploaded 11/10/2008
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