wHy is here so nuch stigma about penis and vagines?

how cum in amerca there is so much stigma about showing penis and viginas? 

like, if you go on some chat site and show a picture of a pernis people well be like "OMG THATS SO GROSS!  THERE ARE KIDS ON HERE!"  but i dont see what is so bad about showing a penis or a vagine to a kid.  i mean, their simply part of the humna body and they are perfectly naturall.  everyone has a penis of or a vigna so why do we make suchj a big deal about not showiong them.


now dont get me wrong, i donrt think we should be going out and doing something sexual to little kids or anything thing but why is it that just showing a penis or vaguina is concidered sexual??  i dont know?


really its not a big deal.  a penin is jhust a penis and a vagine is just a vigna its not a big deal.  people need to get over it, and this whole america society needs to spot putting such a stigma on stupid things. 


if i saw a man walking down the dtreet with his junk hanging out i really wouldnt care too much.  i wouldnt stop to staer at it, and I wouldnt think anything secual about it as long as he is minging his own businggess, and so other people need to thing the same thing what to do you think?

Uploaded 08/09/2009
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