Why is life so hard?

Why does no one say what they mean and mean what they say? Why do people who claim to want to change not take the truth well? Why do we avoid the truth and why is it that everyone says they just want to be happy and then do everything to contradict that? What if happiness is a choice? There will
always be people hurting other people and reasons to cry or lash out, but why are we so cynical? And pessimism seems the latest trend for dealing with
life, not to mention superficiality and narcotics. But why? Is life really that bad we don't want to be happy, I think because then we'd run out of excuses to complain. Why do people like britney spears and other stars go nuts? Why do we idolize the unhappy and messed up? And those who don't still don't always do what is best for them. When is it all going to change? When is it going to get better?
I know when. When we all step it up and take control of our own happiness and learn to make it easier for others and yourself to be happy. When's that going to happen? I don't know. I guess it's up to someone else to fix it. Not you not anyone who has issues and doesn't want to deal.
My philosophy is it could always be worse. And right now for me, worse is three years ago, or four, or five, and especially nine or ten years ago. My life has been crap, and I still think that happiness isn't unachievable. Why are we so superficial? Why don't we look past looks, pretty clothes, money, popularity? I'm not a good looking girl not by a long shot. I'm big, pimply, and wear clothes from thrift shops and xxl sized sections. I have many friends and three close ones. I'm not popular but even the popular gangsters, and preps that aren't fake talk to me or are friends with me and why? They see more. The most unhappy people are the ones who look down their nose at people they think are beneath them and ridicule or ostracize them. Why? This behavior creates a temporary happiness that neither the soul or heart or conscience can deal with. It lowers your self-esteem this habit because it's not right. It slowly eats you away and makes you crazy. It does the same to those who get that treatment and because it's everywhere and never really stops it spreads, because these good people see time after time that the bad guy wins, this superficial attitude makes those 'better' people feel better. So it gets passed on.
I wanna know why. I want to know why even after all these movies and good books with morals and happy endings, and after all the teachers of the past's teaching why we still continue down this hateful, hurtful, deadly road of self-destruction. This planet has a new issue everyday, and the more I see on the news how bad it is in other countries, the more I think well who the f*** are we to say that? Look at the murders, rapes, crime, suicides and stupid crap going on. Why is it going on? Why aren't we happy?
The government certainly screwed us over, and the media. Fattening, addictive fast food, idolizing beauty over talent, popularity over personality, advertisements that make us feel bad for being fat, ugly, scarred, or different to sell products. And you want to know the best thing about it? The government is making profit off our gluttony that they've brain washed us into believing. Sin tax. It's a new tax happening in the USA that is being put on all junk food to make us more reluctant to eat mcdonalds or KFC or chocolate bars. This will eventually happen here.
What is happening to us? Are we this blind? It wasn't an accident of stupidity that made us this way. It was superficiality and hunger for power and money, something, anything, that will make those corporate, corrupt geniuses richer and therefore better than us.
This is stupid and frankly, we teenagers and young adults should be furious at our parents for letting this happen, and furious at the government for scamming us, and furious with ourselves for letting go of reality. No we didn't have reality in our pocket before, but we shouldn't be farther from the truth than we were fifty years ago. We shouldn't be destroying ourselves and our world. I know how to fix it. What I want to know is, does anyone else? Does anyone else want to fight for real freedom and happiness? It's a hard battle, but am the only one who thinks it's possible?
If one by one we made a change, and learned to be real, and we took a stand maybe it could happen. Can we make it happen?

Uploaded 08/20/2008
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