Why is the idea of an all knowing god illogical?

This is my favorite conversation to have with a Christain that comes to my door and tries to convert me.I usually ask first if they believe that angels have free will. Responses differ because most Christians don't know what their sect of Christianity believes on this subject and never take the time to check. To those who say no it is usually followed by only "god gave Humans free will that is what sets us apart from angels." or my favorite "No, thats why Satan was Jealous and made us sin"To which the only rational response would be, if Satan was an angel and he rebelled against god was this not of his own will? He also took a small army of angels with him according to the christain bible, was this the will of god and not the will of the angels? If god is All knowing and he Never makes a Mistake then didn't he know that Adam would sin when he created him, and did he not know that satan would rebel when he created satan? If Adam and eve were to eat to fruit of the tree of Knowledge before thier eyes were open knowing good from bad then how do you expect them to know of deception? how were they to know what they were doing was bad? The story makes no sense at all, Christains call Satan the Father of the lie but look closer, he told eve that she would become like god knowing good from bad: TRUE! she did and so did adam. God said that if they ate the fruit they would die. But Adam lived for ages after eating the fruit, and so did eve. How can a all knowing god create a person to sin without the knowlegde of sin and punish him for sinning? Is that a loving god?If God Created Everything then that means he Created Evil. Christain will tell you, " No, Evil is the absence of god!" I love how Christain will make up facts so that there religion makes more sense to them, so i show them this in thier book.

  • (Isaiah 45:7 King James Version) - "I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things."
  • (Amos 3:6) - "Shall a trumpet be blown in the city, and the people not be afraid? shall there be evil in a city, and the LORD hath not done it?"

I love the look on thier face after they read that out loud to me, after saying god wants nothing to do with evil. At this point if they don't start getting mad at you and telling you that you are going to hell you can say this.Did you know that nothing was written about Christ until 40 years after his death?This information is shocking to a christan and is true, the sad fact is that rarly do you ever see the results of a debate immediately most people don't change there mind about things that quickly, but in my experience they will get someone who they think is smarter then you and come back, this happens to me often, the second time I receive a visit from a christain at my home they always have thier priest or a bible scholar with them, this is where my real fun begins because these people are not used to dealing with people that are educated on religion and much less a person who has studied it for 10 years. After I dispatch said scholars with facts evidence and pure logic and they have nothing to prove to me that their god or bible have any relevency I can only hope that these people go on to realize that they are following a false god and free themselves from mental slavery. I am always kind and respectful to everyone who comes to my door because if i make these people like me, rather then laughing at them and calling them delusional, it helps in my efforts to reach them and open their eyes to what is real.Most people take to easy way out, Atheism is not the easy way, its the Cold hard truth with no safety net, but it is true freedom.

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