Why it doesn't matter who you vote for.

Some facts:

Wealth distribution: 84% of wealth in America is in the top 20%. 0.3% is in the bottom 40%.

Campaign contributions have no caps.

What this means:

-Any candidate that has a chance of running for president, is only because they have corporate sponsorships. IE: Rich people are the only ones who dictate who has a chance at leading the country. Not the smartest or experienced person. They look for the most likely candidate to win...that can also be bought. That person is better suited to represent their needs and wants.

-Even if you took a poor outsider, and manage to raise money through large quantities of small still don't have the support of the media. Media is owned by the same people who have invested heavily in their candidate of choice.

-American ignorance of politics: Modern day Americans have too many distractions to pay attention to political developments. It takes too much time investment to be on top of all the fraudsters. So instead of following the issues, Americans side with agendas based on the party they align themselves with. It saves them the burden of understanding the issue, and makes it easy to dismiss.

With jobs becoming outsourced more and more (thanks to our corporate masters looking to save a buck), jobs that do exist require people to work longer hours for less pay. Longer time spent at work is less time spent following politics. Corporations still win.

This isn't some conspiracy theory. This is cause and effect. It's no different than me giving you 1 million dollars and telling you to open a lemonade stand to compete with the little girl down the street. What you can do with that money, would make your lemonade stand seem so glamorous compared to that little girls stand, that people probably wouldn't know that she even existed. It doesn't matter that her stuff is legit, and yours isn't.

The only way anything is ever going to truly change in the United States, is if you rip out the legislation that has allowed campaign agendas to be dictated by money. Put a HUGE cap on the amount of contributions that can be made in any level of government. The people that should be running the country, would eventually start running the country.
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