Why it Pays to Be Knowledgeable

I wanted to relay some of my points from earlier today on the subject of science vs. religion and what constitutes theory and blah, blah, blah.

Every once in awhile this tired bullshit comes up and you get a few brain-dead dropouts who think they can school you on even the most fundamental aspects of the subject - which of course, you can grasp and for some reason they can't.

Most times a few of these ppl are easy to deal with - their main issue is they're just haters so they're ready and willing to make asses out of themselves if it means they can disagree with you. Eventually they end up disappearing, because the truth is your argument is far beyond them and they're out of their depth even by pretending to know anything (everyone point at BANJOPKN and MoltoMario).

But then there are those who are actually adamant on misinformation and sub-par understanding of even basic concepts. And eventually you realize, though you enjoy intelligent conversation, you made the mistake of forgetting what kind of ppl abound, and have to just bow out gracefully, as would someone at a board game with a Down's child.

But of course that doesn't mean you can't continue an honest debate elsewhere, like I wanted to do here.

So I went through my comment history to pasta a few of my earlier points from today, and noticed something......... They're pretty much all gone.

Not gone as in deleted, but gone as in, everyone else involved deleted their shit.

Yeah, so I guess there's no reason to continue on the subject or expand the conversation outside the earlier feature page.

Even if my points don't sink in, knowing when you're trying to argue with a person who knows their stuff seems to.

Uploaded 05/09/2014
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