Why John McCain Deserves to be President of the United States

     There are so many young citizens that are die hard Obama fans, but why?  Yes, he is a good speaker (when written), energetic, fresh, and decent looking.  Is that what you want to base your vote on?  Obama claims that he is for change and bipartisanship.  That sounds pretty good to me, I mean our economy is not doing so great right now.  You may not know this, but Obama is the most liberal Senator there is - even more liberal than Senator Clinton!!  His voting record shows that he votes nearly 100% Democratic.  Really good bipartisanship sir.

     Oil prices are going down becase President removed the no off-shore drilling ban put into place by President Clinton.  Obama claims that off-shore drilling won't affect gas prices for at least 10 years!  10 years my butt.  They have aleady dropped nearly 80 cents a gallon, and we haven't done any more drilling yet.  Oh yeah, if we allowed off shore drilling 16 years ago, when Clinton put the ban into effect, we would be in this position now.  Who knows, we may not even be in Iraq right now, but that is a whole other blog (Clinton had multiple opportunities to kill Bin Laden).  Just because Obama is for change, does not mean it is good change.

     Anywho, why does McCain deserve to be President?  Well first of all he truly is an American hero.  People don't realize this.  He was a POW for 5 years in Vietnam, but he was offered early release if he signed a paper "denouncing" the Vietnam war.  If I was a POW for three years, I would have signed that paper right away.  BUT he didn't because he did not want to leave his men behind.  That is remarkable.  So why does being a war hero qualify you to be a President?  Ask George Washington - it proves that you are a true American patriot and you place you coutry first before your personal interests.  McCain does not care about his party, he only wants to help America succeed.  Yeah he has changed his mind multiple times, but it is because he came to the conclusion that it is what America wants needs.  Every time McCain changes his position, Obama tends to agree with McCain.  If Obama wants to gain support, he needs to stop playing a defensive game.  McCain owns him right now.

    This my friends is why John McCain deserves needs must be the President of the United States of America!

Uploaded 09/06/2008
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