Why? Just Why.....

Ladies, why do you have to be so damn confusing? I thought at my age I had you all pretty well figured out. I was wrong. When a guy asks you what is wrong, why can't you just tell him what is wrong? If you say nothing is wrong, we're gonna believe you and we're not going to ask again. Why can't you just tell us? Also, why is having sexual realations such a major undertaking? Why do you use that special spot between your legs as something to hold over our heads? We wouldnt do that to you. Why do you ask our opinion on something, shoes, clothes, hair style, only to do the opposite of what we opine? Why is honesty a bad thing when you ask us how you look or if that outfit makes your ass look big? Why is it so hard for you to discuss what you like in the bedroom? And why do you assume that we'll figure it out? Why do you marry a man and know that you can change him when a man marries you and hopes you will never change? I am being completely honest here. I don't want to offend and of you ladies, I just want to know why. Why are women so damn hard to figure out?

Uploaded 07/29/2008
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