Why listen to Tom?

From the birth of Obama and his cronies Tom has stepped up and suckled on the BIG LIARS TEET. Coming up with such good ones like tell me when he lied? (I bow my head in disbelief he is a politician) I say when he talks is the tell tale sign of Obama telling lies. When he is going to tell big lies he has other people step in and do it. I have made no secret about the fact that I consider myself a conservative or at least I hear that is what I am. I am for God and the Bible in my school not taught just there, I am morally against abortion so I am a conservative. Now that all being said when the poor black woman got falsely accused of racism I say WELCOME TO MY CLUB, many of us white Americans are accused all the doesnt feel good does it? Remember that next Time I disagree with the most worthless president in my lifetime MR Obama and I must be a racist!!!!!

Here is the thing guys, EVERYTHING Tom said was correct, I sit day and night try and find some, any compassion for our fellow man from my so called fellow conservative/republicans and I can NOT find it. I am sick to death of being lumped in with this group of hate mongers who hide their true feelings behind a political party. The final straw came when they voted against extending unemployment benefits for out of work families.........THIS...THIS IS WHAT AND WHERE YOU WILL MAKE YOUR STAND? STARVE PEOPLE? I got news for all the republicans out there, people like me we know when a politician is telling lies, his lips are moving. This election when you are with out jobs remember the moment you took your stand YOU WANTED TO STARVE PEOPLE and at that moment many of us republicans just jumped off your boat and went right into the water to swim to a new liar. The thing is he may lie to me but he will feed me when he knows it was his group that caused Americans to be out of work. For all of you tea partiers if you dont understand what I just said maybe you will understand this better......I am standing on my chair and with the loudest voice I can (with everybodys best intentions in mind, just like you do)   GO FUCK YOURSELF GO STRAIGHT TO THE UNEMPLOYMENT LINE AND MAY THEY CUT YOUR MONEY OFF WHEN YOU NEED IT MOST.


I wrote this blog for Don, Steve, Mike, James, Debbi, and any other people who wonder how they are going to keep it together.


Thanks for reading Bo the non-republican Keeton

Uploaded 07/22/2010
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