Why marijuana SHOULD be legal medically and recreationally

Personal responsibility. It's supposed to be something you get in adulthood. But liberty is overrated, right? Just let the government tell you what you to do. They know what's best for you.

Don't exercise daily like me, just let taxpayers pay your medical bills.

Now you, the person reading, is smart enough to know that the sentence above is bad advice, so you're probably smart enough to decide whether you want to smoke marijuana.

"You" is a word that describes an individual, not a group. The big, dumb government doesn't know shit about the individual. Uncle Sam just knows the exterior of things, i.e. race, income, political party affiliation, census data, etc.

This information alone isn't sufficient enough to know an individual. Evidently, it's enough for big brother to force you what to do.

Marijuana has been aggressively demonized by the mainstream media. So much so, that it has shaped some people's view of it -- they think it's something really bad when, in reality, it's something very positive and powerful. It's a shame that pot smokers are associated with all that is undesirable in American society -- i.e. laziness, low I.Q., no ambitions, etc. It's simply not true! Don't believe everything the news tells you.

The first time I smoked marijuana, a rush of strange, foreign feelings ran through my body.

I freaked.

I thought I was going to die. My heart was trying to escape my chest. My thought processes totally changed.

It felt like reality was more real.

Thoughts were more satisfying and fresh.

Once my panic attack subsided, I embraced the next dimension. I found enlightenment. A new and interesting way to view the world.

God's green gift to Mankind is a key that will unlock your mind and unleash your thoughts in a very profound, enlightening way.

Why would the government want to prevent its citizens from using marijuana?

I know the answer.

Because weed changes your mind. It removes your numbness. An eye-opening experience.

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