Why my dog needs an operation to reattach his balls.

I just took my dog Skittles for a walk to the lake front, cause its been sunny lately we have a few tourists camping down there, so i thought alright i'll just walk him up the dock let him jump into the water and bring him home.

I did that and naturally he jumped in after the splashes in the water and swam back to shore, when i got there he had a little bunch of fans. There were 3 kids and 1 adult, im thinking she was the mother. She had a funny accent, french i think, and was saying look a doggy to the kids.

I walked up and was laughing cause Skit was really enjoying himself. He rolled onto his back to let em scratch his belly, and the youngest kid bent down and just grabbed his dick, A FIVE YEAR OLD GRABBED MY DOGS WANG!, And started tugging. Now this was much scarier then it sounds, my dog is just a pup, a little jack russell pup so its not as if his a big dog. The mother starts laughing, and i just pick this kid straight of the ground, and thank god she let go of my dog when i did.

So here is my dog whimpering in pain barely the size of a lunch box and this french mom yelling at me not to touch her kids. I just Grabbed Skit and walked off telling her ( half shouting ) that her kids are crazy and she should train them to do other thigs with their lives.

Now i'll be surprised if we have to pay toget Skit de-sexed cause i think its already happened, But i also learnt something today.

Little french girls are dangerous.

Uploaded 09/14/2008
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