Why Organic Food Freaks Are Idiots

It's amazing how you can get a lot of money from stupid people. The best example is the organic food companies. Since hipster trash and vegans aren't the brightest people, that's where the food companies come and scare them about how unhealthy the preservatives in food are. You need to buy the unsprayed apples and eat food that doesn't contain preservatives, they say. That's a load of bull shit.

The organic food costs much more than normal food. Why? Oh, of course, you have to pay more because it costs more to produce healthy organic food, right? WRONG! The producers actually save up on the pesticides and artificial manure (they use animals shit instead, look it up). But what makes you think organic food is more healthy than normal food?

Let's look at the facts. In medieval times there were no preservatives in the food. People were considered old when they reached their thirties and usually died in their 40s of natural causes. All they ate was organic food. Today, people eat food stuffed with preservatives. There's 50 year olds that look like 30 year olds sometimes, and 30 year olds that look like teenagers (like that weird looking chick that plays Margeary in The Game Of Thrones). Reason?

It's obvious that the preservatives work great for your health. They actually help your body maintain its shape and lengthen your life. Best proof? Scientists discovered that a human corpse takes much longer to wither than the reports from previous centuries state. Also, look at this photograph of a teenager, taken in the 15th century:


Did you notice something? Like the fact that you could say that she's probably 40? 

Here's a photo of a 14 year old hooker taken in 1795:


She doesn't look 14. Do you know why? Because there was no preservatives in her food!

That's why some people live up to the age of 200 these days. Thanks to preservatives in food. 

If you still think preservatives aren't the case here, look at the people who eat organic food.

Like this guy, for example. What has this freak been eating? Carrots?


Or this chick. Her skin looks hella old. And she's a teenager. And what's the deal with her skinny arms?


The moral of the story is: eat preservatives. You'll live longer and you'll be healthy.

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