Why People are Unemployed.

It always amazes me how people are always pointing their soft lazy fingers at government or politicians when they feel the unemployment levels are getting out of hand. Or, even more astonishing, how more than half of those unemployed are not included in the statistics. People who have given up or on welfare rolls simply are not included so that it makes the current government, not look so bad.

But lets examine the real reasons for someone being unemployed.

1. They are lazy and like it that way. I get it, life is one big holiday, the living is easy and the fruit is low and easy pickin's. Some people, probably millions on the welfare rolls, simply like to do nothing and are proud they feel that way. This is not something new and the benefits under the right circumstances might prove quite comfortable to many people. Even during the great depressions the idea of being a "Bum" was romanticised. 

2. Then's there is the fair weather bum, as soon as the weather changes they either are forced to work as the weather gets cold in order to afford shelter or they can go on unemployment if their work can't be performed during certain seasons. "When the spring time comes, throw down your shovels boys"! Is a common refrain.

3. The "Benefits are so good, why the hell not" bum. In some districts and industries it is politically prudent to provide obscene benefits in order to win those last few seats that might make or break an election. The fisherman of the east and west coast surely profit by this scheme. They make a few good catches that land them a pretty penny for a few weeks and the JD government compensates them at that rate for the rest of the year. A sweet deal if you know who's rubbers to wear!

4. The "I'm Black! You think I be a slavin' for the man", bum. By the virtue of being black, some people think they be suckers if they break a sweat doin' anything but fuckin' them bitches.

5. Some people are just too stupid, ugly or assholes. Why should anyone hire them? This is what welfare is meant for if prison and extermination is not an option.

Of course, men much more intelligent than I have their own ideas of why there is so much unemployment. Take Newt Gingrich  for example who pontificated "Poor kids don't work unless it's illegal". OK, so lets make it legal for poor kids to work. Perhaps their little fingers could weave those Persian rugs we all love? 

Uploaded 10/15/2012
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