why peoples be mad about gils sell?

Why some many bitch mad with gils sell? All nice things I get from gils sell. Many nice things I get. Most peeps on pandy is cool but some are bitch type but its good to be of bitch.
Many peeps mad to be sell gils. I think many peeps be more mad about boat. Does everyone know about this? 1 times I find boat first nobody but me but everyone copy me now but thats ok. I am on boat but monster came and kills everyone and we all loses gil.  Then I heard a loud sound like a big fat ugly cat purr and I am not so strong anymore and I have to go to nice mog at town. But I say Damn Damn and uncle throw shoe at me.
Many cool peeps I see on pandy. My most cool peep is goblin because he helps you go home fast when you miss nice mog.
I get nice armor and nice sword when I sell gils. 1 times I sells gils and get nice cocktrice meat. I like elf girls because they look like nice bitch from lord from the ring. Nice nice bitch I say to you. When I see nice bitch elf girl I give her my cocktrice meat and she much too happy to take this. I think what she must do with my cocktrice meat. I laugh too much.

Uploaded 11/10/2008
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